4:30-6:30 PM: Welcome party and registration in the Community Life Center, which is located at the back of the church building. (Please follow signs.)


7:00 PM: General Session ONE (Doors will open at 6 PM)


9:30 AM: General Session Two (Doors open at 8:30 AM)


1:15-2:00 PM: Afternoon Breakout Session

2:30-3:15 PM: Afternoon Breakout Session

3:45-4:30 PM: Afternoon Breakout Session


5:00 PM: Closing Worship Session

*11 am – 2 pm: Food trucks will be available.

*11 am – 6 pm: Shoppes @ Refresh will be available.

Jan Hart

Out of Breath

We can live without food for 4-6 weeks. We can live without water for about 2 days to a week. However, we can only live without air for about 3 minutes and then we begin to die. In our world, we suffer from one of Satan’s greatest tools- busyness and distraction. If the Lord Himself gives us breath, and it is His breath that gives us life, then we must stay close to Him. Time with Him is the key to being filled everyday with His breath that brings us life and peace.

Chandra Hill

Care for the Caregiver

As women, we are nurturers by nature. We are tasked with being caregivers to our loved ones and those around us. We quickly become everything to everybody all the while neglecting ourselves. Where does the caregiver’s help come from? How does the caregiver receive care without feeling guilty? With so much to do, how does the caregiver find the time to take care of themselves? This session will shed some light on these questions and start you on the path to much needed care for the caregiver.

Chastity Kizer

Waiting on Your Promise

Have you ever received a word from God but have yet to see it fulfilled?  Or maybe your circumstances make it impossible to even believe it will happen.  The bible is full of promises we can apply to our lives at this very moment.  In this session we will look over Patriarchs of the Bible to see what they did in their waiting until their promise was fulfilled.  I believe we will leave with our hopes up toward Jesus and our faith renewed in His power and who we are in Him!

Sheron Bayonne

Principles of walking in His design

Walking in the fullness of God is for sure His plan for our lives.  However it seems overwhelming at times to juggles the necessities of life.  God will never fail us. Let’s embrace the passion God has placed in us to fulfill His plan and purpose. We as women are important in every aspect of the way.

Wendy Owens

Scars of Hope

Every scar has a back-story, visible reminders of wounds we’ve experienced.  Christ’s scars become part of our story and our scars a part of God’s story in our lives.  Let’s move from fear to joy as the disciples did when exposed to the scars of Jesus.  Let’s expose our scars and celebrate that Christ’s redemption is greater than any wound and able to heal any scar.

Beje Jones

Everyday habits for a more radiant YOU!

Whether you want to radiate more beauty from within your soul or in your outward appearance, this session will give you countless ways to do both. You will leave with nuggets of life changing tips and action steps that, if implements, will create a more radiant you in body, soul and spirit.

Magen Anderson

Your’e Invited

Ephesians 2:6 tells us that God has raised us up together with Christ seating us in heavenly places. But, what does that mean in practical everyday terms, to be seated? We live in a fast food world full of never-ending to do lists, and very few family dinners. Yet, He is inviting you and me to pause, and dine at His table. Join me, as we explore what it means to be seated and dine with Christ. At His table peace, joy, hope, and confidence await you.

Shelle Thomas

The Power of Forgiveness

Jesus set the example when He said as He was dying on the cross, “Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they are doing [to the son of God]. There is power when we choose to forgive, when we choose to release others.


When we show mercy instead of judgment, we are showing the true nature of God.

Denise Smith

Christian Grand-parenting

Proverbs 17:6 says “Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged.”


Becoming a Grandparent is a God-given calling. As Christian grandparents, we are called to influence multiple generations for Christ. We will pass on an inheritance of some kind to our children; the kind of inheritance really depends on us.


Jammie Black

What to do when life takes your breath away

We all face moments where life seems to knock the wind out of us. One unsuspecting hit, confusion sets in and we can begin to doubt god and ourselves. How do you event begin to breathe again? I want to share with you my personal story of how God resuscitated me after tragedy hit and when you can do when your world is shaken.

Jammie Black

Journaling with Jesus: Breathing new life into your Bible reading

Come and experience the Scriptures afresh. Through various journaling exercises, we will explore different ways to interact with the scriptures and meet the Lord in His Word. No boring Bible study methods here, but instead, encounters with the Living God. Come hear for yourself a life- giving word!


Amanda Fishback

Learning to trust in God’s timing

One of the hardest things for so many Christians to do is to wait on Gods timing to make certain things happen in our lives.  In this fast-paced world in which we live, we want what we want right now! In this breakout session Amanda will share how she desired to meet the father who abandoned her at birth and how God had her wait and pray until she was 32 years old! Hear the lessons God taught her as she learned to trust that His timing truly is perfect.


Linda Payne

Staying Free

How to live a life free from worry, fear, anxiety and depression; and walk in the abundant life Christ came to give.

Miranda Gregory

Topic: Coming Soon

Hang tight! Miranda’s topic will be posted very soon!

Savanna Stone

Topic: Coming Soon

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